Stop Your Cat from Digging!

Digging is one of a cat’s most annoying tendencies. A cat’s digging can be irritating to those who have a garden outside or for those who have indoor pants. This destructive behavior can often frustrate people who do not even own a cat. If you are being affected by a cay’s digging, there are a number of different things that you can do to stop this annoying trait. Read also: Cat Proof Your House.

Stop Your Cat from Digging
Stop Your Cat from Digging!

If you are having trouble with a cat outside, one of the first things to do is to try to determine why the cat is digging. Cats dig for different reasons and the method you choose to resolve this problem will vary accordingly.

Stop Your Cat from Digging

If the cat is digging because it is trying hunt you might want to eliminate his prey. You should carefully check your garden and discover what it is that the animal is hunting. The cat may be after voles, shrews, moles or mice. These rodents may also be damaging your gardening efforts. If you are able to eradicate these pests you may be able to solve both problems at once. The rodents will no longer be eating your plants and the cat will no longer be digging in the garden. Read also: Introducing Your New Cat.

If the cat is using the garden for a litter box, you may have to try a number of things to get them to stop. Depending upon your individual circumstances, there are a number of plants you may place within your garden that act as natural “cat” repellents. For instance, you might consider adding lavender, pennyroyal or “scaredy cat” to your garden. You might also want to try growing plants that have thorns such as roses.

Cats do not like water. You can use this to your advantage. If you are vigilant a good solution may be to buy a squirt gun. Anytime you see a cat approaching give him a blast. This can be a very effective method, but only if you are consistent. You might want to consider a more high tech approach. Think about getting a motion sensitive sprayer. These simple devices can be placed almost anywhere in the garden and any cat nearing the unit will get wet.

There are also a number of commercial repellents that you can buy. If you are considering one of these products be sure to read the label carefully. You need to make certain that the product will repel the cat while at the same time not harming it or any other animal.

There are other more natural methods that you may also attempt. For example, cayenne pepper is often very effective. However, you may have to repeat this process a number of times before the local cats get the message to stay away. You can also use a strong form of vinegar. This often sends a message to other cats in the region that there is a larger animal in the area and that they should stay away. Do not use moth balls as these are toxic.

In the case of indoor plants you can try a number of different tactics. One of the simplest methods is to relocate the plants. Keep all of your plants in areas that the cat cannot reach. Think about hanging plants. You can use cayenne pepper in the soil just a sprinkle on the top. Another idea would be to use a top covering or you could try a layer of marbles or large pebbles. Either one of these substances will normally deter a cat from digging. Additionally, they are extremely attractive. Read also: Cat Scratching Posts.

Digging is an annoying behavior that you have the power to stop. With a little research and effort you can eliminate this destructive trait both inside and outside of the house.

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