Brushing Your Cat

No matter what kind of cat you own it is important that you brush him. Many people do not realize that even short haired cats need to be brushed. Regular brushing will not only benefit the cat it will lessen the time that you have to spend vacuuming up cat fur.

Brushing Your Cat
Brushing Your Cat

Daily brushing will reduce the amount of cat fur in the house. Cats, like people, lose hair all the time. Unless you own a cat that is virtually hairless you are probably well aware of this fact. Giving the cat a quick brush every day will help you to control where that loose hair goes. Read also: Bathing a Cat: How to Bathe a Cat.

Cats, especially those that do go outside, will get dirt and debris caught in their fur. And although cats frequently wash themselves, they are not always able to remove all of the dirt that may be trapped.

Cat Brushing

Long haired cats have a tendency to get mats. These must be removed. Mats can cause a cat a lot of pain and also prevent good air circulation. A cat’s fur helps to keep them cool in the summer because it acts like insulation. Mats can also lead to many various skin irritations. Cats who try to remove the mats by themselves may inadvertently scratch or break the skin. The skin under the mat may also be affected.

Mats are often tricky to remove. Most brushes will not be able to get a mat out without causing a great deal of discomfort to the animal. You should have a special brush or comb to help you remove the tangles without pulling. For really bad mats use a pair of clippers. You do not have to worry as the fur will grow back quite quickly. Just be sure that while you are clipping you avoid cutting the cat.

Brushing gives you the chance to have a good look at your pet. While you are brushing you can do a quick inspection to ensure that your cat is healthy. It will provide the opportunity to look at the cat’s skin as well as check for ticks or lice. Brushing is also a great way to stimulate a cat’s skin and has the same advantages of massaging your own scalp. Do not forget to take a look at the cat’s ears and his nails while you are sitting together. Read also: Selecting a Cat – the Right Breed for You.

Many people are allergic to cats.  It is a common belief that these allergies are caused by a cat’s fur. The fact is that the majority of allergies are caused by the dander. Regular brushing will help remove and reduce the dander.

Cats often enjoy the attention of being brushed. They love the feel of the brush and the relaxing motion. Whether or not your cat enjoys the process you should always give your cat a special treat when you have finished. Read also: Understanding Cat Behavior – Why Cats Do The Things They Do.

Brushing does not have to take a long time. If it is done on a regular basis it should only take a couple of minutes. This can be a great opportunity for you and your pal to curl up on the couch and spend some quiet time together.

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