Cat Scratching Posts

Cats like to scratch. There is nothing that you can do to stop your cat from scratching, it is a part of his nature and is a quality that you as an owner, are going to have to learn to live with. You can however, curb his scratching behaviour or conversely, you can limit the places where he can do his scratching.

Cat Scratching Posts
Cat Scratching Posts

The best way to do this is to invest in a good scratching post. When you go to buy a post you should consider a number of things that are very important.

You have to select a post that is going to appeal to your cat. A post must be sturdy. If the post is shaky or unstable the cat is not going to use it. A post must be tall enough for the cat. A cat must be able to stretch out completely. Scratching and stretching are one way that cat stays in shape. Read also: The Rudeness of Claw Elimination.

The fabric of the post is extremely important. You will notice that cats like to do their scratching in materials that they can sink their claws into. A post that is smooth is not going to appeal to the animal. The best posts are covered in either carpet or rope. Sisal rope is the most commonly used rope as it is thick and provides a perfect surface for your cat’s nails.

Cat Scratching Posts

There are hundreds of models of posts on the market. It will not be hard to find one that will make your cat very happy but what about you? If you search you can find a post that will fit into any room of the house as well as you can find posts in every color of the rainbow.

You can also find posts that are not merely posts. Many companies like to make the post into sculptures that have more than one function. For instance, many posts are designed to function as scratching posts as well as an area for a to cat rest. Often, these posts are built with multiple levels and different styles of resting perches. Read also: Cats scratching and Practical Tips.

Novelty posts are becoming extremely popular. You can find ones that resemble trees, mushrooms, flowers and even ones that are made to look like castles, complete with drawbridges. Entertainment centers are also being combined with posts. These centers frequently have dangling ropes, feathers or special spring toys.

Posts often have special beds incorporated into their design. Bedding areas often use different materials to make the cat more comfortable when he is sleeping. These spaces often resemble a box with an entrance at either end. These covered beds make a cat feel safe and secure while he is napping.

If you are on a tight budget you can make your own post. This can be done very easily. If you do not have any spare carpeting you can cover the post with cardboard. Cat’s love to sink their nails into corrugated cardboard. Another option available to you is bark. If you do not mind the mess, you can use a large log and permit your cat to scratch it to pieces. Read also: Humane Ways To Get Your Cat To Stop Scratching The Furniture.

A cat is going to scratch all its life. He is not going to stop. If you want to prevent the cat from damaging the house and your belongings, give the cat a place to so his scratching.

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