Cat Care: 12 Do’s and Don’ts For Success

Cats make greaCat Grooming Tips pets. Cats are fun, affectionate(when they want to be) and playful. But, cats are cats. They live life by their own rules. They aren’t evil, they are cats. They have instincts and behaviors that simply must be accommodated.

Cat Care: 12 Do’s and Don’ts For Success
Cat Care: 12 Do’s and Don’ts For Success

So, before you decide to get a cat here are 12 cat care do’s and don’ts. If you follow these tips the relationship you have with your can be happy, enjoyable and successful. Read also: Understanding Cat Behavior – Why Cats Do The Things They Do.


Keep The Litter Box Clean – One thing I like about having cats as pets, I don’t have to walk them. Potty training a cat is easy. Buy a litter box. Put it an ideal location. Fill it with litter and you’re good to go. This doesn’t mean there’s no maintenance. Keeping the litter box clean is a must. I recommend scooping the litter out daily at least. Every three weeks, empty the entire litter box, clean with unscented soap and refill with fresh litter. Clumping litter is the best. Keep in mind, one reason cats stop using the litter box  – a dirty litter box.

Buy a scratching post – A scratching post might not be the first thing you purchase for your cat. A litter box and clumping litter is the first. Cats love to scratch, they need to scratch. Cats scratch when they are nervous, excited and to mark their territory. If you don’t provide your cat a suitable place to scratch, she’ll utilize your couch, drapes, carpet or furniture. Read also: Tips For Choosing A Pet Sitter.

Plenty Of Litter Boxes and Placed in Suitable Locations– If you have more than one cat,  provide one litter box for each cat in your home and add one. So, for two cats, you should have three litter boxes. Location is critical. Don’t put litter boxes next to food or water.  Assure all cats have access to a litter box. This might require some detective work. Find out your cats routines. Whose territory is who’s. Place litter boxes so neither cat can block access due to territorial claims.

Regular Checkups – It’s a fact that cat owners take their cats to the vet less than dog owners. One, cats are good at hiding their pain and illnesses. Two, the false idea that cats are completely self-sufficient. Perhaps the real reason is it’s hard to get them into a carrier. Cats need yearly checkups, especially as they age.

Play With Your Cat – Cats like to hunt, stalk and chase. They need playtime that simulates. Play that offers a chance to hunt, stalk and chase. It helps indoor cats stay healthy. Laser lights, wands, puzzles and other interactive toys are all possibilities.

Tolerate Your Cats Cattiness – Cats are cats. They scratch, like high places, like to hide when scared, like to hunt, chase and stalk. They are independent and territorial. So, make sure you provide all their needs – vertical space, a place to hide, toys, a scratching posts and a place to call their own.


Don’t Punish Your Cat – I’ll repeat what I mentioned earlier in the article – Cats’ are cats. They do cat things. If you provide them with the proper environment, then behaviors you find displeasing will be minimized, if not eliminated. Punishing your cat, scolding, rubbing her nose in pee, spanking or even the spraying her with water will be counterproductive and may even make any behavior issues worse.

Don’t Stare At your Cat – The old saying a cat will go to the one person in the room that is ignoring her is true. Cats interpret staring as a sign of aggression.

Don’t Overfeed, Provide Healthy Meals – Cats don’t need lots to eat. Indoor cats gain weight quickly. The best food is canned. Cats get much of their hydration from food. Many dry foods offer little nutrition. Make sure you read the labels. Do some research.

Keep Your Cat Indoors – It is tempting to let your cat roam outside. They are cats, after all. Keep in mind before you let your cat out. Indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. Outdoor cats live an average of 1-5 years. While, indoor cats live 12 – 20 years.

Don’t Leave Your Cat Alone For More Than 24 Hours – Cats are independent and solitary animals. So much so, many people believe falsely that they don’t need us other than to fill their food. So why not fill a couple of bowls of food, a couple of water dishes or leave the sink running and go on vacation for a week. Bad idea. Cats need us. They need social interaction. Cats can get into all kinds of trouble, tip over the feeding dish, tip over the water or get sick. So if you leave, or on vacation. Get a pet sitter. Read also: From cat hater to cat lover

Don’t feed cats dog food – Feed your cat, cat food. Cats have different nutritional needs than dogs.

Cats are great company. I love my two cats, Ichabod and Karma. They are fun and great company. However, cats are a strange bread and it takes special knowledge to care for them. If you follow these cat do and don’ts you will be well on your way to having a long, happy, successful relationship with your cat.

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