Household Necessities for the New Cat

Bringing a cat home can be one of the happiest times in both your life and the cat’s. However, before you bring the new family member home you must be prepared. You have to make certain that you have everything that the cat is going to need before he comes home. Below is a list of the basic items that you should have in order to make certain that your cat is well cared for.

Household Necessities for the New Cat
Household Necessities for the New Cat

You are obviously going to need to have some kind of food for the cat. If you can find out what the cat has been eating, you should stick to this kind of food for a few weeks. Your cat is going to be stressed by moving and he does not need to suffer any more anxiety that might be caused by a change in his diet. Once the cat is comfortable you can slowly begin to change his food. Read also: Tips For Introducing A New Cat To Your Home.

Your cat is going to need to have a litter box. It does not matter if you intend to let the cat go outside. You must have something in the house that he can use the moment that he comes home. Cats are particular about their litter. Once again you might want to investigate what he has been using and use this brand, at least to start.

The cat is going to need to have a bowl for food and one for water. Remember, every cat needs to have access to water all the time. This water must be kept clean and fresh. You should choose a bowl that has a heavy base as you do not want to have you cat tipping and spilling his water every time he takes a drink. Read also: Guidelines With Regard to Presenting Kittens and Cats.

Household Necessities for the New Cat

You should make certain that you have a good brush. Most cats need to be brushed on a regular basis. Regular brushing will help to reduce the amount of fur in your home. Additionally, it will help to prevent mats from forming.

You should also make certain to have a set of nail clippers. Be sure to buy a pair that is sharp and easy to use.  If you are concerned about clipping the cat’s nails you might want to invest in a pair of pet safe clippers. These nail trimmers are specially designed with a block that will prevent the nail from being pushed in too far. Read also: Caring For A New Pussy Cat.

A spray bottle is something that you might want to have on hand. These are ideal for training your new friend. You may discover that your kitten has decided that climbing the drapes or using the couch for a scratching post is a fun game. One of the best ways to get him to stop is by giving him a quick squirt every time he is engaging in an undesirable activity.

Cats like to play. Although toys are not necessary, you might want to have a few small toys around to keep your new friend happy and entertained. Read also: Advice before adopting a stray cat.

The last things that you should have are a few kitty treats. These will be very appreciated by the newest member of your family.

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