The Litter Box, an Important Accessory for all Cat Owners

If you are going to own a cat then you will have to get a litter box. A litter box no longer has to be a simple pan that you hide in the darkest corner of the basement. Kitty litter and boxes have changed a great deal over the past twenty years.

The Litter Box, an Important Accessory for all Cat Owners
The Litter Box, an Important Accessory for all Cat Owners

The smell of the litter box is one of the things that people find very offensive about owning a cat. However, there are numerous litters on the market that have special odor reducing qualities. You can even get litters that are formulated to help control the smell when there is more than one cat in the home. As additional line of defense you can add baking soda to the litter box. This inexpensive kitchen product has the profound ability to absorb odors. Read also: Choosing Cat Litter – Clumping or Non Clumping.

You should take care when selecting your litter to ensure that it will be one that your cat is going to like. If a cat does not like the litter in his box, he may decide to use other places in the house. Many litters resemble and feel like sand.

Companies use this consistency because they know that many cats like to bury their mess. If the litter is either too fine or too coarse the cat may not like it. Clumping litter is another option available to you. These litters are frequently made from recycled materials however, while this is a very environmentally conscientious litter, it may not appeal to all cats.

One of the things that you need to think about is getting a litter box that is enclosed. Cats like to dig and sometimes even play in the litter. If the box is not enclosed you are going to find litter scattered all over the place. This is not only messy but also a health risk. Read also: Litter Box Training with Regard to Pet Cats.

Many cat owners like to line the litter box. If you want to use plastic liners you will have to make certain that the pan you get will fit the liners. Liners are really great and they make clean-up fast and easy.

Companies that make litter boxes recognize that many people have to have the litter box in an area of the house where it will unfortunately, be in clear sight. If you are in this situation you should look at the numerous pieces of litter box furniture that are available. You can have the litter box cleverly disguised in a number of different ways. Read also: Solving the Cat Litter Box issues.

If the litter has to be in a family room or similar part of the house you may want to choose a cabinet style of enclosure. These clever units normally have not only a place for the pan but spots for you to store other items as well. This allows you the option to hide the extra litter and your cleaning supplies in the extra compartments of these cabinets. Novelty litter boxes are also available. For instance, you might decide to hide the pan in a quaint little cottage or in an elaborate castle.

With all of these options available there is no reason to have to hide the box. You can have the box in plain sight and with the addition of an odor controlling product as well as frequent cleaning, nobody but you will even know that it is a litter box.

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