How To Get Rid Of Bad Cat Breath

how to stop bad cat breath
How To Get Rid Of Bad Cat Breath

How do i get rid of a cat's bad breath

People who have cats are aware of the truth that bad cat breath is terrible. As is the case with bad breath in humans, it is caused by bacteria found in the mouth; the bacteria breaks down protein and in the process, expels into the air sulfur compounds. If you have ever smelled sulfur, you know it’s really awful on it’s own; this is why breath containing sulfur smells really bad too. The bacteria that results in your cat’s bad breath is usually a result of tartar building up around the teeth and gums. Tartar has a yellow color, and it is a mixture of bacteria, food, and minerals. Read also: How To Solve Cat Spraying Problems.

To get rid of your cat’s bad breath, you’ll have to get rid of the tartar that has built up on its teeth. If the tartar has built up too much, then you will have to have a veterinary professional clean your cat’s teeth. The foul smelling breath will disappear after you have the tartar removed from its teeth.

You might be able to clean your cat’s teeth by yourself at home. There are a couple of different kinds of toothpastes you can buy for use with your pet; they usually come in a variety of flavors. You will have to use a mechanical toothbrush, since the movement is extremely vital for taking away tartar buildup. Look for a toothpaste that has enzymes, as they will dissolve the tartar buildup, thus taking care of bad breath. You can retard any kind of tartar buildup that results in bad breath if you begin brushing your cat’s teeth early in life. Read also: How long are cats pregnant and stages.

Another thing to think about is what kind of food you are giving your cat to eat. There are a variety of pet foods on the market that have impurities that could be the cause of your cat’s bad breath along with other health issues. For your cat’s sake, learn about the ingredients that pet food contains. There are commercial pet foods that are free of harmful ingredients. If you shop and give your cat only healthy foods and treats, it can help eliminate his bad breath immensely. You can also purchase treats that are created to get rid of tartar; use these when you want to give your pet a special treat. Always give cats treats that are made to help control tartar buildup. Plus, brushing or rinsing out your cat’s mouth after he has eaten will get rid of bacteria before it has had a chance to form hard buildup on his teeth. Usually this works best if you wait about 30 minutes, so your cat doesn’t associate mealtime with having his teeth brushed. This will cause the cat to be anxious about mealtime, which could lead to other more serious health issues.

The foul smell in some cat’s mouths may be from a cause other than tartar or just having bad breath. In these situations, this could be a liver or kidney ailment. If you notice your pet has bad breath and you are sure tartar isn’t the cause, you should get your cat in to visit the vet immediately. Even if it could be nothing more than tartar buildup. It’s better to err on the side of caution. Your veterinarian will be able to diagnose the problem, tell you what caused it and tell you what you need to do to fix it. Read also: What a cat needs for a healthy life.

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