A Few Ways To Treat Ear Mites

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A Few Ways To Treat Ear Mites

A Few Ways To Treat Ear Mites

Anyone who owns a pet knows that one of the scariest things in the world is when your pet gets sick and you don’t know how to treat the problem. For cat owners, one major illness is cat ear mites. When your cat comes down with this disease, which is when insects called mites get inside the cat’s ear and hatch eggs in it, there are many ways to treat it depending how deep in the ear the ear mites have gotten.

Herbal remedies work well on the outside of the ear, but if the ear mites have gotten in a bit further, medications can work to rid the ear mites from the cat’s ears. If the mites have gotten to the middle and inner ear, the veterinarian needs to be seen immediately to prevent further damage. Read also: Vision Problems in Your Pet.

One of the first signs that your cat has cat ear mites is when you see a black or brown discharge from the cat’s ear. At this point, it is a good idea to swab the cat’s ear with a cotton swab. If you pull out the cotton swab and it is covered with ear mites, see the vet immediately. Within 21 days, the ear mite eggs can hatch so treatment needs to be done every single day for all 21 days to make sure your cat is rid of the problem completely. The treatment needs to be done in each ear even if the mites are only present in one ear. Ear mites travel across the head of the cat and can get into the uninfected ear very easily so treat both ears to rid your cat completely of the mites. If you own any other pets or if your cat is in contact with any other animals, they need to be treated as well as the ear mites can spread very easily from one animal to another. If you take the precautions listed and treat your animal for all 21 days, you can easily get rid of this annoying pest. Read also: How do I get rid of fleas on my cat?

For someone who wants to protect their cat from ever getting ear mites, there is one home remedy that has proven effective. It is a mixture of mullein flowers and olive oil. Cook the mixture for six hours on low heat in a crock pot then strain the flowers and put the liquid into a jar in your refrigerator for one month. When you want or need to use the mixture, just warm to room temperature and put a dropper’s worth into your cat’s ear to prevent ear mites from taking up residence. When you do things like this to take care of your cat’s ear, ear mites shouldn’t be a problem. Read also: Common Health Problems of Cats.


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