Cat Skin Cancer: The Best Treatment is Prevention

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Cat Skin Cancer

Cat Skin Cancer: The Best Treatment is Prevention

Arlene developed a suspicious looking spot on the tip of her left ear. Like most blue-eyed, fair-complected individuals, she was naturally more prone to sunburns, but the spot was largely ignored. She later died from complications due to skin cancer. A tragic and cautionary tale. But unlike other similar stories, Arlene was a cat. A lovely white cat with a pink nose. Her owner did not realize that Arlene could be prone to cat skin cancer and only after a fateful vet trip did she realize that her death could have been avoided. Read also: A Few Ways To Treat Ear Mites.

It is important to note that not all cats are prone to cat skin cancer. Just as light skinned people are more at risk than dark, so it is the same with felines. A cat’s fur normally affords them natural protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays. However, white fur on ears and pink noses do not provide any immunity since the tissue in those areas are thinner and burn easily. Read also: How To Get Rid Of Bad Cat Breath.

There are three things a concerned owner of a feline prone to cat skin cancer can do to avoid this illness. The first is to keep the cat indoors. Obviously, if the cat is never exposed to the sun’s harmful rays, then the problem is avoided altogether. However, this is sometimes not possible if the kitty is only an outdoor pet or is already accustomed to having the run of the neighborhood. The second method a concerned owner can do to prevent cat skin cancer is to apply a complete spectrum sunscreen to the ears and nose. Veterinarians recommend using lotions designed for babies and toddlers, since they contain less irritating ingredients that could be toxic to the cat. The last prevention method of cat skin cancer is to have the cat’s ears and nose tattooed a darker pigment so those areas are no longer vulnerable to UV rays and skin cancer. Read also: How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Cat Eye Infections.

Last, if a cat owner notices an irregular shaped dark spot on their cat’s ears or nose, it is a good idea to have it checked by a veterinarian right away. If it turns out to be cancerous, the vet can perform surgery to remove the tumor or provide radiation therapy. Remember the best treatment is prevention!

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