Cat Adoption: What You Need To Know Before Adopting A Cat

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Cat Adoption

What You Need To Know Before Adopting A Cat

Are you thinking of adopting a cat? Yes, they do make great pets, but you need to understand what caring for a cat involves, before taking on the responsibility of cat ownership. 

Do you have the financial means to support a cat?

The cost of cat ownership can really add up with food, treats, toys, scratching posts, cat furniture, litter, litter boxes, flea treatment, veterinary visits, pet medications, pet insurance, cat sitters, other miscellaneous expenses.

Are you home often enough to give a cat the attention and care it needs? 

Although cats can be left alone for hours at a time, they still crave love and affection from their owners. It is important that you spend at least 15 minutes a day playing with the cat. Cats need fresh food and plenty of drinking water provided for them daily. Their litter box needs to be scooped everyday and washed at least once a week. Plus, cats need to be combed everyday, especially longhaired cats. Read also: Why Should You Toilet Train Your Cat?

Are you willing to put up with any damage that might occur? 

Even though you can train a cat to use a litterbox and scratching post, chew on toys, still you can’t expect your home to be totally free from damage with a cat around. There’s a chance the cat may scratch your furniture, urinate or defecate, vomit on the carpet and furniture. The cat could unexpectedly start chewing on things around the house that aren’t appropriate. 

Is your home suitable to accommodate a cat with?

If you have a dog or young children, you need to be certain the cat will be able to adapt to them. Also you need to cat proof your home, like keeping the cat away from toxic plants and chemicals. Keeping electrical wires covered up or spraying bitter apple on the wires to prevent the cat from chewing on them. Read also: Caring For A New Pussy Cat.

Will you be able to care for your cat if he becomes ill? 

Cats can and do get sick like people. There’s the possibility you may have to miss a few days from work, stay up all night with your cat, give him medication, clean his eyes, ears, nose, abscesses.

Are you willing to make the commitment? 

Cat adoption is not to be entered into lightly. It is something that needs to be well thought out.Cats can live well into their late teens, even twenties. A cat is not like a possession you can decide to get rid of like a household item that no longer suits you. Cat’s can suffer feelings of rejection when abandoned by their owners. You need to expect to be in it for the long haul. Read also: Litter Box Training with Regard to Pet Cats.

If you can provide a safe, loving home environment and enough time and commitment, then cat adoption may be an enjoyable experience for you , providing you with unconditional love and companionship for years to come.

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