Prevent Scratching

Scratching is something that every cat does and something that very few owners appreciate. You are probably not going to be able to get the cat to stop. However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to at least curb this destructive habit.

One of the first things that you might want to consider doing is getting a squirt gun. You can use the gun to squirt the cat each time you catch him scratching an item that you want him to stay away from. If you do not want to use a squirt gun you can fill a can with pennies. Toss this near the cat when he is scratching as the loud noise will most likely scare him away. This is can be a simple but effective tactic.

Prevent Scratching
Prevent Scratching

Prevent Scratching in cats

To prevent him from scratching your valuable possessions, you should get your cat something that he can scratch. For instance, a small investment in a high quality scratching post may save you a lot of money and future hassle. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a post, but you do have to select one that will appeal to the cat. A post must be tall enough for a cat to stretch to its full height as a cat considers stretching an important part of his scratching routine.

The post must be made of a suitable material. A cat will not appreciate a post that he cannot sink his claws into. Many of the best posts are made using either sisal rope or carpet. If you are making your own post you could use corrugated cardboard. Be sure to get a post that is sturdy as a cat will not use a shaky post.

Keeping his claws short will lessen his desire to scratch. One of the many reasons a cat scratches is to remove the outer part of their claws. This behavior invariably helps to keep his claws sharp. Cats also claw things to mark their territory. A good post will help him to do both.

There is a product that you can get called soft paws. These are basically little sheaths that you place on each of the cat’s nails. These are glued in place and will not hurt the cat in any way. These coverings can last for up to three weeks.  Your cat can go about his daily routines and they will not hamper him or hinder him in any way.

Another alternative you may want to consider is having the cat de-clawed. However, this procedure is not something to be taken lightly and many veterinarians will not even perform this surgery. They deem it to be invasive, cruel and often an unnecessary procedure. Remember, any surgery has risks and you must think carefully before you decide to take this step.

Having a cat’s claws removed involves removing not only the claw but part of the toe as well. This will take a long time to heal and your cat will be very sore and tender for the duration. It may also take a long time for your cat to become adjusted to having the ends of his toes removed. While he is recovering it is vital that you make certain that the cuts do not become infected. Keep his litter very clean and use a sift litter until he is completely healed.

A scratching cat can be very destructive. Couches, screens and drapes frequently fall victim to this action. However, for the intuitive owner there are numerous methods and strategies you may employ to curb or stop this behavior for good.

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