The Wonderful World Of Cats & Kittens

To be a mother and have a child is a wonderful experience. To have cats & kittens and watch the mothering of the mama cat is another wonderful experience.

The Wonderful World of Cats and Kittens
The Wonderful World Of Cats & Kittens

There are so many books out today about cats & kittens that you can read but there is nothing like actually having cats & kittens. The books tell you how to care for your cats & kittens and how to keep them healthy but they can never convey the joy and fun that one has with their cats & kittens. Read also: If You Have A Busy Life, You Should Use Automatic Cat Feeders.

A mama cat, from the first time she lays her eyes on her kittens, will behave in a dramatic motherly way. Cats & kittens have an automatic bond and the mama cat will protect her babies at all costs.

When you see cats & kittens together and the mama cat is constantly licking and cleaning her young and playing with them and letting them climb all over her even when she is dead tired, is a remarkable sight.

Cats & kittens are alike in many ways but also differ in the food that they need to eat and the way their health needs to be taken care of. Both cats & kittens love toys but kittens seem to be a lot more free to play while older or old cats play but with a watchful eye on their surroundings. Read also: Should You Use Cat Litter Flushable Or Throw Away?

Before deciding which cats & kittens you would like to get, you should always research on how to take care of cats & kittens. This will help you to have a pet for a happy, long, and healthy life.

It has been suggested that cats & kittens need what is called a safe room. Whether it is a closet, or a screened off section of another room, it should house a toy or several, food and water, and a bed or blanket for the cats & kittens to sleep on.

Also cats & kittens seem to get into everything. Even things that can cause illnesses. You want to make sure that all cleaners and hazardous items are kept in a cabinet or on the top of something that the cats & kittens cannot jump on.

You also need to make sure that the cats & kittens have their first vet visit to get their initial shots and to discuss or set up an appointment for spaying or neutering. Cats & kittens are very productive and there is a strain on the population now being so overwhelming. Read also: People are crazy over 'Sheep Cats' with naturally curly hair.

So these are just a few tips for having the pleasure of having cats & kittens.

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