Common cat health skin problems

Just like humans cats can suffer from skin conditions which require treatment. A good indication that your cat has a skin problem is excessive scratching or itching which leads to patchy hair loss, redness, swelling and even scabs.

Common cat health skin problems
Common cat health skin problems

The most common causes of skin problems in cats are flea dermatitis, allergic reactions to food or something in their environment like a plant and illness such as autoimmune disorders which contribute to skin conditions. Read also: Constipation In Your Cat Can Be A Serious Problem.

Flea dermatitis can be very itchy causing your cat to scratch itself so much that it leads to skin infections. The best treatment for this is to prevent it happening in the first place. Though you should be careful as your cat could have an allergic skin reaction to the very medication which is meant to prevent skin problems.

Cats can have a reaction to plants which have oily leaves, such as rubber plants. If you’ve just got a new plant and your cat starts to lose hair, develop hives, bumps or lesions or find that their excessive scratching themselves you may be dealing with an allergic reaction. Cats can also be allergic to chicken and dairy products. So its a good idea to keep an eye on your cats environment.

If your cat shows any signs of skin problems then you should check with your local vet.  As they will be able to test your cats skin or fur to see what is causing the skin problem. This will allow them to recommend the best treatment possible as your cat may  have a skin condition which requires special treatment. Read also: Did You Know There Are Also Allergies In Cats.

To avoid your cat getting skin conditions you should be careful to feed it only food which is made specifically for cats, so no human food. Be careful when bringing plants into the house and try to observe your cat around any plants you already have. You also want to prevent flea infestations by regally treating your cat. If you do suspect your cat of having a skin problem then immediately take it to the vet as untreated skin conditions can worsen which is distressing for the cat.

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