Constipation In Your Cat Can Be A Serious Problem

Constipation in cats

Occasional constipation in cats is not an uncommon ailment in middle aged to older cats, however if the constipation becomes chronic then the cat's body is making the cat and the cat owner aware that there is likely a more serious underlying health issue. Read also: Did You Know There Are Also Allergies In Cats.

Constipation in Cats: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment
Constipation In Your Cat Can Be A Serious Problem

Causes of constipation in cats

The most common cause of constipation in cats is dehydration. This is readily remedied by providing additional fluids to the cat, insuring that the colon is receiving enough water to remain healthy. Another common cause of constipation in cats is the lack of a clean area for the cat to defecate in. Cats will not use a dirty litter box and will refrain from defecating when it is needed which causes constipation. The solution to this problem is to provide an appropriate clean area for the cat to defecate in.

A slightly more serious cause of constipation in cats is an obstructed colon. This can be caused by many factors either self-inflicted by hairballs, a birth defect, or even swallowing an object that is not food. When obstruction occurs, it is necessary for the feline to be taken to the veterinarian to be treated properly. In the case of a suspected obstruction, the veterinarian will do an x-ray to determine the cause of the obstruction. The veterinarian may recommend a stool softener for the cat, or if the obstruction is more serious, an enema may be preformed on the cat. Read also: Take The Advantage With Advantage Flea Cat.

Other less serious concerns that are easily corrected is the cat's diet. Constipation in cats can occur when there is not enough fiber in the food, or if the food contains other items not considered food, such as hair and bones. In addition, veterinarians may prescribe medication to a cat for an unrelated problem that may be known to cause constipation in cats. In this case, the pet owner should contact the veterinarian to determine if the cat should continue on the medication.

Can cancer cause constipation in cats?

There are some very serious illnesses that a cat may be suffering from that cause constipation in cats such as cancer, neurological problems, injuries from an accident or a fall, thyroid disease, kidney failure, etc. Read also: As A Cat Owner Are You Aware Of The Many Factors Concerning Cat Health Care.

After changing the cat's diet and fluid intake, if the constipation continues to occur then it is imperative that the cat be taken to a veterinarian to determine if the conditions is more serious, and what treatments can be done. Under no circumstances should a cat owner make a determination on his or her own and try a home remedy as it may do more harm to the cat in the end.

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