How To Solve Cat Spraying Problems


How To Solve Cat Spraying Problems
How To Solve Cat Spraying Problems

How To Solve Cat Spraying Problems

If you observe your cat backing up against something like a door and raising his tail to pass urine, this is a sign of trouble. This issue is called spraying, and it is quite typical for indoor cats. It can be really annoying, but you can fix it. 

Despite common beliefs, spraying has nothing to do with litter box issues, but is rather about marking territory. Cat pee that is sprayed has pheromones in it, which is a chemical that cats and various animals use to communicate. Pheromones are similar to fingerprints, in that they help with identification of cats and different creatures. Read also: Guidelines For Avoiding Spraying.

As a cat sprays, he is only marking his area with his pee. Spraying is merely how a cat marks out the boundaries of his domain for other animals. While it might cause you to become angry, this does not do anything to resolve the problem. Shouting at or scolding your cat often just causes it to spray again. 

When cats are in heat, they find the smell of urine very appealing. When cats are in heat, they spray to attract a partner. Frequently a cat that sprays when it is in heat will deliver kittens within a matter of months. Remember that it is not always because they are in heat that cats spray; some will also spray if they come up against another cat, or during other times of stress. Read also: Why do cats spray and how to stop it.

While cats use spraying in order to communicate, the odor is quite foul to humans. Luckily the most common place for cats to spray is outside rather than indoors. Those who own cats that are always kept inside may have a real issue with spraying. In the event that you observe spraying in your home, it is necessary to act on this at once. 

The best and most easy method to put a stop to spraying is to have your cat sterilized or spayed, depending on if it a male or a female. Male cats which are neutered no longer spray, stopping as soon as the procedure is performed. Read also: How to Train Cats for the Toilet?

If this situation occurs with your cat, discuss it with your veterinarian. It is possible that this is a health issue, and your veterinarian will be able to determine this. Additionally if your cat is spraying because he is going through a stressful situation, you have to find out why he is this way; then you can deal with it and mostly likely he will quit spraying completely. You must always react the moment that spraying begins – just because cat pee has a bad smell and it can leave spots anywhere in your home.

How to STOP Your Cat Spraying Everywhere

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