Hints and Tips for How To Toilet Train A Cat

Hints and Tips for How To Toilet Train A Cat
Hints and Tips for How To Toilet Train A Cat

Hints and Tips for How To Toilet Train A Cat

Many things have to be done to help mother cat in training her little kitties the good habit of using the litter box. Kitties tend to follow their mother’s example so the training shouldn’t be that hard. However, you too can do something about it so they’ll never stray away from the habit.

Realize first that kittens are small and vulnerable. They are still in the process of developing agility and coordination. It is very critical that you make sure that they can get in and out of the litter box very easily. Do this by buying aluminum roster pans. It may be quite an investment but kittens tend to grow really fast. The use of the pan is just temporary. The purchase however, is going to be justifiable. Read also: How To Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet.

A regular litter box can be too tall or too high up for the kitties to easily get into. As such, they’ll be discouraged using it. As a result, they’ll simply go to the easiest place for them to eliminate urine or waste. And if they get quite used to doing this, it would be quite hard for you to break the habit. As the human mother of these kittens, you must never give them that excuse!

Be careful when using a make-shift litter box for your kittens though. Some types can be dangerous for them. Note that kittens can be very curious with what they see and test things out with their mouth. Kittens that ate clumping litter could get very sick. Be sure to use non-clumping litter instead. Although not healthy, this type of cat litter is not as dangerous. Read also: Why Should You Toilet Train Your Cat?

Depending on the number of kittens you have to train, you might need two or more roasting pans. Baby kittens tend to feed at the same time. Expect then, that they’ll all need to go at the same time as well. Be sure to have enough room or enough number of litter boxes for everybody to use if they want to go as a group.

Kittens have yet to develop superior bowel and bladder control. Be sure to put the litter boxes very close to where they live. However, keep these pans a little far away from food and water. But never place them outside the room at all. Put the pans in a spot where kitties can easily reach whenever they need to go.

You have to make sure that the mother cat is doing it share in the training process. The training should start when the kitties are at least 5 weeks old. If the mother cat seems to be failing in that job, you have to step in and initiate the training yourself. See to it that after the kittens have fed they are taken right where the litter box is. If you have to, take their front paws and do the scratching for them. Kittens will understand what you’re trying to do quite quickly. The training period won’t be long. Read also: How to Train Cats for the Toilet?

Work hand-in-hand with the mother cat and all the kitties will develop exceptional habits using the litter box for the rest of their lives.

Important: Toilet training cats is not advisable for people living near bodies of water where sea otters are found. Cat feces may contain the protozoan named Toxoplasma gondii, a microorganism that could kill otters.

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