How To Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet


How To Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet
How To Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet

How To Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet

You love your cat so much but clearing the litter tray is a job that you never learned to love. Cat urine and feces are always a huge challenge to handle, even with the litter box in place. However, there’s a way out of this. You can toilet train your cats so you’d never have to use or buy cat litters ever again. Some people may think that toilet training cats is not even possible. However, there are proofs of that happening. Cats can be trained to use the toilet in the same way that humans do. All you really need is patience and you’ll soon see it happen. Read also: The Tips and Tricks of Toilet Training Cats.

Learn how to train your cat to use the toilet by following the tips below.

Take the Box near the Toilet

Start the whole process of using a kitty box over a cat litter tray for this purpose. Then move that box to a spot near your toilet. Try to add small height to the cat’s box everyday until it reaches the height of your toilet.

Time to take out the Box

As your cat gets used to his new litter box sitting at a certain height, it’s time to take it out. Replace it with a flat bottomed metal bowl that can be placed over the toilet bowl instead. Leave the toilet seat down and put a lot of litter in that metal bowl. When you put your cat inside the toilet, he will think that it where he goes to relieve nature’s call. The smell of the litter would make him realize that. Read also: Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet.

It is also important to show your cat where his feet should be once he’s over the toilet bowl. Praise your cat for doing it right. After the cat is done using the toilet, empty the urine from the bowl right away. And as you go along, reduce the amount of litter you put in the bowl.

Use Water

When you get to the stage where there are only tiny amounts of litter placed in the metal bowl, use water instead. Your cat will not be happy about it outright. But soon, he should be able to see that it’s okay. If your cat really doesn’t like the water on the bowl, add a few bits of litter again. Redo all the steps until he gets used to the water. Read also: How to Train Cats for the Toilet?

Add more water everyday until you reach a height of 3 inches. If you see that your cat is getting used to it, you can remove the metal bowl altogether. He should be ready to use the toilet as it is. When that happens, then all your efforts for toilet training your cat are successful. If it doesn’t happen, continue to train your cat until he finally gets it right.

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